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Monitoring the progression of your health with blood work each year is extremely easy and vitally important. However, the typical yearly physical doesn't always include blood work and it rarely prevents chronic illness. You can take preventive steps to have certain blood tests drawn to help rule out any potential diseases. Simple steps to staying healthy can save your life.

We offer the following blood tests:

Blood Type - RH typing                                                          
Chicken Pox Titer                                                                   
Complete Blood Count                                                           
Complete Panel (CBC,CMP,Lipid Panel)                               
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel                                          
Electrolyte Panel                                                                    
Hepatitis B Titer                                                                    
Hgb Alc (blood sugar x 3mths)                                              
HIV Screen                                                                           
Lipid Panel                                                                             
MMR Titer                                                                              
Prostate Cancer Screen                                                         
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)                                      
Vitamin B12 Level                                                                  
Vitamin D Level 


Please contact our office for additional blood testing services                                                       

All Blood testing samples are sent to our authorized laboratory. Blood testing results are received within 2 to 5 business days and are confidential. We are in compliance with HIPAA Regulated Laws standards of practice.